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As Al Majlis is located on the waterfront, directly on the sea on Al Hudayriat island and as it is large in size with a very elegant ambiance, it is one of the top destinations for organizing your events. Whether it is a corporate event, a party, a wedding or a business occasion you are guaranteed a great experience because of the location and excellent food because of the high-quality catering offered by Al Majlis. The size of this unique tent allows you to host large events and Al Majlis is designed with private majlis settings, if you want private corners at your event. There is also room for a stage and it is filled with huge, high quality screens providing you with all the facilities you need. With a stunning view of the skyline and sea, you are also able to host your event outside and this is especially ideal for romantic weddings. Whatever your event needs, we at Al Majlis are able to provide it for you.

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